Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a government agency?

No. Eastern Eight is a Community Development Corporation, a privately run nonprofit housing organization. 

Do my tax dollars fund your projects?

No. Again, we are a private organization. We sometimes win grants that give us government funds, but these come through highly competitive grant processes.

Do you give people homes?

No. We do make it more affordable, with down payment assistance and a number of grants for individuals who qualify. If you have income and credit, then we can help you get an affordable mortgage.

Is this for real? I can get a mortgage payment that's the same or less than my monthly rent payment?

Yes! With the assistance and grants available to people who qualify, our homes feature mortgage payments less than $600 a month.

These homes must not be very nice - they're too cheap!

Not true — we sell attractive, livable homes. Professional contractors build our homes chosen from a selection of floor plans. We also rehabilitate houses, again working with contractors to create awesome homes. Don't take my word for it - take a look at what we build here.

If I sign on with Eastern Eight, do you choose where my home will be?

No. We service the eight counties of Northeast Tennessee — you tell us where you want to live and as long as we can find a lot there we'll make it happen.

How much experience do you have?

We've been around for more than 10 years — in that time, we've built more than 150 houses and put more than 200 people into attractive, affordable homes.

If this is so great, then why haven't I heard of you before?

We are a nonprofit organization — as a rule, the majority of our funds serve our homebuyers. Unfortunately, that leaves little to go toward marketing and PR. We're doing better — this website is a huge step — but we're still a secret to the region at large. Hopefully more folks will hear about us from you!