Our Story

Chartered in 1998, Eastern Eight Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).

We’re on a mission to fulfill housing needs for low to moderate income families, making home ownership a reality for a multitude of people. Our mission is difficult - housing costs average about $82,000; unfortunately, the poorest sixty percent (60%) of Tennessee residents have average incomes of only $23,300. 

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On a Mission

Income isn’t the only barrier to homeownership, however. Families and individuals in our region struggle against various issues that keep them from becoming successful homeowners. For this reason, we concentrate our services into five key areas:  

  • Pre-purchase homebuyer education
  • Homeownership
  • Post-purchase homeowner education
  • Foreclosure prevention services
  • Affordable rental housing

We’ve seen a lot of recent success with our Homeownership Program. Eastern Eight’s home-building projects dramatically increased in 2006 — we completed 18 homes, an increase of 900 percent over 2005, and we’re now producing more than 40 homes per year. While much our development is scattered-site, we’re working toward subdivision development.  In 2006, Eastern Eight began development of a 21-lot subdivision, Shady Meadows, in rural Johnson County. All of those homes now belong to qualified first-time homebuyers. With the success of Shady Meadows, Eastern Eight built a 14-lot subdivision, Preservation Pointe, in Johnson City in 2009. We sold all of those homes, as well, and we’re now looking toward our next subdivision project.

Experience and Impact

Overall, Eastern Eight's experience in housing is diverse, providing the region with a staff that understands community needs, governmental relationships, available resources and partnerships, as well as the future plans for the region. With Eastern Eight's continued growth, the staff now includes 13 team members, with more than 130 years combined experience in housing. Beyond helping families and individuals, with more than 150 homes sold to date we’ve added an estimated $11,982,000 to the region’s property tax base — evidence that we’re making an impact in the community. Eastern Eight is Creating Affordable Housing Solutions for Northeast Tennessee.