Don't just listen to what we have to say - listen to few of the real homeowners that have taken advantage of Eastern Eight's programs!

Adam & Melissa Blazer:

"We are able to move into and own our own dream home. No more renting!"

Pat Chambers:

“I daily thank our Creator for my beautiful little home and all the precious souls who cared and made it possible."

"I still walk through my house in wonder, saying to myself out loud, ‘Could this really be mine? Is it truly real?’”

“I walk to the top of the hill in my back yard and sit down and take in the view, remembering this whole process and how very blessed I am. That hill has seen many tears of gratitude!”

Kathy Harris:

“Thank you all for helping my dream of homeownership come true. I can’t say thank you enough, but I hope all of you know how much I greatly appreciate what you have done for me – it would not have been possible without you.”

Albert Holt:

“I want to say thank you to Eastern Eight – if it were not for you people I might be still living in a crack house or even dead.”

Ella Bennett:

“I really appreciate what each and every one of you has done for us. You have made our lives much more safe and comfortable. Keep up the good work!”

Alice Leonard:

“I feel like I have achieved ultimate independence – I feel like I am finally an adult and my self esteem is just through the roof.”

David and Misty Brooks:

“Because we received a great loan rate, we were able to purchase our first house! The down payment assistance and loan helped make the house payment affordable.”

“It has affected us greatly in a positive way. We lived in an older mobile home that was in bad shape - to be able to move from there to a new home is wonderful!”

Norma Brown:

“I was able to secure a new home with plenty of room at an affordable rate and down payment.”