For Home Buyers & Renters

Your journey begins.

  • Homebuyer Classes

    Need take a class to satisfy assistance program requirements? Want to know more about the homebuying process? Eastern Eight has you covered. More >
  • Homebuyer Counseling

    Have specific questions that you need answered? Want an unbiased opinion about your mortgage or homebuying deal? This link is for you. More >
  • The Buying Process

    Here you’ll find everything you’d want to know about buying a home through Eastern Eight. More >
  • Lease to Homeownership

    Below average credit, low down payment or other factors shouldn’t keep you from owning a home. If numbers/ratios can be repaired within a year and you’re willing to make it happen, we might be able to get you into a home immediately. Follow the link to learn more. More >
  • Rental Opportunities

    Eastern Eight offers an array of housing opportunities, including affordable rental properties. Follow the link to learn more about what we have to offer. More >
  • Section 8 to Homeownership

    Section 8 vouchers can be used for more than just paying a monthly rent. Find out how here. More >
  • Self-Help Housing

    Eastern Eight's innovative housing program helps put the "ownership" in your homeownership. Find out what we mean here. More >