Self-Help Housing

We like building homes. Every time a contractor finishes a project, we all experience a feeling of pride and accomplishment. We like that feeling so much that we’ve built more than 150 homes since 1998.

Take pride in your accomplishment.

We think you’ll like the feeling too – that’s why we require every one of our homeowners to contribute 100 hours of “sweat equity” to their home’s construction. From the ground up, you’ll play an active part preparing you’re your home. It’s a personal way to get to know the place you’ll call home for, perhaps, the rest of your life.

Does 100 hours sound like a big commitment? It’s not so bad – you choose how you help and you can involve your friends and family, because every hour they contribute goes toward your total.

Besides, we’re pretty sure you’ll like what you feel walking into your completed home for the first time – knowing you helped make it happen.