Continuing Homeowner Education

As much as Eastern Eight values homebuyer education, that’s really only half the journey to successful homeownership. First time homeowners face a daunting new reality of responsibility — from handling maintenance and repairs to big financial decisions, we know you need help.

Our solution? Post purchase education classes, also known as HOW 2.

Homeowners Workshop

Funded by a grant from the Citi Foundation, HOW 2 began in April 2009 as a tremendous success. Regional professionals lead each workshop, offering their real-world expertise for your real-life situations

We offer a two-hour HOW 2 workshop once a month, starting with a lecture and finishing with a hands-on maintenance topic. Homeowners attend up to ten of these workshops at our Homeowner's Workshop in Johnson City.

Learn and Earn

What makes hours of incredible advice from experts in their fields even better? Prizes! Eastern Eight clients earn hundreds of dollars worth of household items for each class they attend, thanks to partnerships with Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Eastern Eight’s HOW 2 workshops are an asset our new homeowners. The workshops’ scope and range of topics ensure a long and successful career as a homeowner. Nowhere else can you learn how to effectively plan for retirement one hour and then learn how to install and care for hardwood flooring the next!