Since 1998 Eastern Eight has built more than 150 homes throughout the region. These attractive, quality homes are the perfect foundation for a happy, successful life and a healthy, growing family.

At Eastern Eight, the construction process is more than our job; it's the creation of a home, a place where memories will be made, families will grow, and lives will be forever changed. We are excited to begin this process with you and commit ourselves to making it as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Please take a moment to browse just a few of the house plans that we can build to make your dreams a reality!

Selected House Plans

The Baltimore

The Britton

The Bungalow

The Brooke

The Glory Land

The Hernandez

The Independence

The Monarch

The Kendrick

The Mabry

The Lark

*These house plans do not represent all the plans that Eastern Eight CDC is capable of building. All house plan selections are dependent upon affordability and land restrictions.*