Eastern Eight proudly partners with the Alliance for Business and Training to support the YouthBuild program of Northeast Tennessee. YouthBuild is a youth and community development program that helps low income and at risk youth earn an education, gain job skills, find counseling, and develop their leadership abilities.

Youthbuild-built home.
Youthbuild-built home.

Opportunites and Potential.

At-risk young people deserve opportunites to reach their full potential. Though many have dropped out of school and seem to have no path to a productive future, YouthBuild gives these young men and women an opportunity to obtain GEDs and get valuable onsite work experience.

 YouthBuild contracts for Eastern Eight, and so far we have more than ten beautiful homes like those pictured above to show for our partnership. Working from Elizabethton to Kingsport and Johnson City, YouthBuild produces quality homes that bring joy to the people that buy them.

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